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We just moved our web site from to because we had such limitations on the site at Tripod. Signups and otherthings are available and easier to do here. We are working on a new look and Hope you appreciate the new features and look as we slowly work out the things needed here.


First Dorm Sponsored

We found a Pastor in India with a dorm with nine (9) families. We are now actively seeking sponsors for these ladies and their families and current have 4 or the nine sponsors needed. Will you help?

Prayer Needs

Our ladies in India need a teacher. One that is not expensive. Most teachers not working in the school system are quite expensive.

Our Pastor friend has a seminary, and we think maybe one of the seminary students wives, might be who God will call.

Pray to that end.

Pledge Form

Our pledge form, where you can sign up for sponsorship or donate is now online.

Download it here at:

Pledge Form

Fill it out and mail it in.

Online registration will be done when we get the $50.00 needed for a database supported web domain.

Living and Practicing James 1:27


Posted August 15, 2011 by TBotNik

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