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Bringing the body of Christ, to those without hope,

by finding the need and sharing with you.

Our Focus

Our founder, while stationed overseas in the military, came into contact with these forgotten people and later realized that God was calling Him to serve them.  But the vision God gave him, was larger than what one person alone could do, so this ministry was formed as an avenue of help to those we are called to serve.  A down home realist, grounded and rooted in Christ and yet a visionary of God, calling “those things that are not as though they are” Nyle stepped forward obediant to God’s call.

His heart breaks and aches with viewing the hopelessness, depravity, and despondency that our enemy Satan has enslaved these forgotten people in.

Founder: Nyle Davis

He is personally doing everything he can to “set them free” and needs you to partner with him, to make it a reality.

Immediate Organizational Needs:

FHMI has three branches of government.

  • Executive,
  • Pastorial Board (12 Members),
  • Lay Board (12 Members),

Board positions are still open, but apply only after prayerful consideration.

Download our Charter from the link on this page for full description of qualifications for these positions.

Our Ministry

Father’s Hands Ministry International has several avenues of outreach to those we find in need of the services we provide. We also team with other like ministries to those in need that fall outside of our specific goals and ministry area.

  • Feeding and Clothing,
  • Housing and Provision,
  • Education and Self Sustenance,
  • Health Care,
  • Evangelism and Encouragement,

Our Accountability

Father’s Hands Ministry International is organized so every penny is accounted for. We created, up front, the following funds, so we can best be accountable to all our partners and contributors, to give what you intend to give directly to those in need:

  • Benevolence Fund – For feeding/clothing the needy,
  • Building Fund – For building our complexes world-wide,
  • Operational Fund – For our daily complex operational expenses,
  • Staffing Fund – For paying our staff,
  • Misc. Fund – For all other expenses,

This way, when you give to FHMI, you ear mark your money by the fund, you wish it for, and 100% of your money goes for what you designated it for.

Download and read our full governmental charter at:

Our funding and accountability are fully documented there.

Corporate Sponsors:

In order for privately donated funds to go directly to the needy, Father’s Hands Ministry International actively pursues corporate sponsors to underwrite our operational, staffing, and misc funds.  Please if you are or know a company that is missions minded, have them contact FHMI today.


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